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Small yet efficient free utility to keep your registry free from broken entries
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Little Registry Cleaner is a free, small, yet efficient cleaning tool that scans your Windows registry looking for broken or unnecessary entries left behind by uninstalled programs, thus improving your system’s performance and stability. Additionally, Little Registry Cleaner offers you an uninstall manager and a startup manager.

The Windows Registry is one of the most sensitive elements of your operating system. Keeping a clean registry is essential to guarantee your system’s health and operability. The information contained in it, though, is not easy to interpret by most PC users, and only those who really know what they are doing should dare to tread its paths. Little Registry Cleaner can perform all the cleaning-up operations required to maintain a functional registry in a user-friendly and safe way. It will scan your Windows registry looking for entries that should no longer be there, and will give you the opportunity to get rid of them with just one click. Those with the ability to distinguish one entry from another can decide which one to delete and which one to keep, though that is far from being a simple and straightforward task. (You may also want to add some entries to the “ignore list” provided.) If in doubt, you can always trust in this little tool’s good judgment and delete all the entries that the program has considered to be expendable.

As a bonus, this tool comes with two very interesting and useful utilities – one to help you get rid of all other traces left behind by uninstalled programs, and another one to manage all those programs that start running as soon as your operating system starts up. Finally, the program allows you to schedule a daily, weekly, or a monthly registry clean-up, and to undo any changes made by restoring previous registry databases that the program backs up automatically before performing any tweaks. This is one of those free tools that we should install on our systems.

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  • Simplicity of use
  • Comes with a convenient startup manager and an uninstall manager
  • Allows you to schedule clean-up tasks
  • Fast and reliable registry scans
  • Backs up your registry automatically before making any changes


  • The interface provides very little or no information about the tasks performed
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